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Boudoir Sneak Peek | Back from Chicago

Finally, a blog post from Desiree! I am playing catch up! My brother Levi and his wife Kelsey (who quite a few of you have had your makeup done by) had a beautiful baby girl yesterday.  She is gorgeous, congrats to them!

Got home from Chicago last week, had a fabulous time there. Met some great people and stayed at the gorgeous Elysian hotel. Now……onto one of the hotties!



A + M | Los Angeles Couple Photographer

This was a fun session, you guys are awesome! I haven’t been much outside of hotel rooms lately so it was fun to go outdoors and do a couple session with this great (and adorable!) couple! Aren’t they cute? Ahh, love!

P.S.  I am moving officially tonight! Have a great weekend everyone!

couple shoot

Mini Sessions


Colorado Hottie | Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Got back from Denver this week and had a great time! Took pics of some hotties and met up with my fun cousins who live in the area and we had a great time.  Great trip!

If you notice the title up there it now says “Los Angeles” Boudoir Photographer and there is a reason for that, I am moving there in three weeks.  The hubby got a new job and we are off for new adventures in LA. (It’s not THAT far anyways but I’m super excited to be much closer to LAX! No more of that crazy 91 traffic!)

Anyways, on to the pictures! T, here is your sneak peek! You did fabulous and it was great to meet finally meet you (we met online on a photography forum a few years ago, she’s a cool chick!)


pretty in purple


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