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Santa Monica Boudoir | Meet the Beautiful *C*

Sneak peek for the gorgeous *C*! I had a blast, girl! It was great to meet you and you did a fabulous job!






Sneak Peek | Kansas City Boudoir

L, you are amazing, my dear! L is a FB friend of mine and when that big tornado hit Joplin, she busted her butt trying to help. She gathered together trucks full of items for those who lost everything. I was totally impressed and shot her an email and said “hey, I will be a few hours from you in October and I’d love to shoot you, you deserve to do something for YOU!” I was so glad she said yes! You are gorgeous inside and out, L!





Sneak Peek | Kansas City

I just got back from my last city on the travel schedule and what a fun city to end with! Everyone did so awesome and was so fun and friendly!  I know I already said this on my Facebook page but I wanted to say it here too: THANK YOU! I’ve had a great time traveling all over this past year and have met amazing people along the way! An extra big thank you to my clients, some of which had to arrange for babysitters, drive hours to their sessions, take a day off work, make overnight arrangements, and even flying to meet me at certain locations!  I am totally flattered by that and really appreciate the great amount of efforts you have all made! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now onto the sneak peeks! Here is a beauty that I had a blast with.  Smooch, girl! You are awesome!





Boudoir Sneak Peek | Back from Chicago

Finally, a blog post from Desiree! I am playing catch up! My brother Levi and his wife Kelsey (who quite a few of you have had your makeup done by) had a beautiful baby girl yesterday.  She is gorgeous, congrats to them!

Got home from Chicago last week, had a fabulous time there. Met some great people and stayed at the gorgeous Elysian hotel. Now……onto one of the hotties!



Anonymous Sneak Peek | Another San Diego Beauty

I had a SUPER awesome time with you, girl! You did an amazing job (and you have a head in all the rest of your gallery, I promise, LOL!) Enjoy your sneak peek!


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