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TGIF! Mai Tai Recipe

My Opa (”grandpa” in dutch) makes THE best mai tais and a few weeks ago I finally remembered to ask him for the recipe.  Delicious! Thought I would share it for a good Friday night treat.  Picture tutorial style!  

(P.S. in my pictures I did a triple batch.)

For 2 (or 4 smaller) serving sizes: 4 oranges, 3 lemons, 2 limes, grenadine for color, sugar (I dont measure but I’d say 1/4th cup), light rum,  dark rum, (pineapple, optional garnish)

Cut citrus and SQUEEZE! I use a 2.99 Target special lemon juice thing. LOL 

Grenadine (just pour a little bit into the fruit juice mixture until it looks grapefruit juice color.)

Add ice to a cup (normally I use real cups but I figured these were cuter for pictures! LOL) Pour light rum about 1/3rd in the cup. Juice almost the rest of the way and then dark rum on top for color. (My husband asked me “how much do I get for being your hand model in these pics?”  My answer:  ”Umm, the pleasure of my company!”)

Add pineapple on the rim and then voila! Beautiful YUMMY friday night beverage! Have a great weekend!

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