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Anonymous Hottie | Seattle Boudoir Sneak Peek

I promise you have a head in the majority of your photos, girl! LOL Here is your anon sneaky peek!

She\'s got legs!

Boudoir Sneak Peek | Washington DC

Flew home from DC on Sunday night, had a great time there and met so many fun people. This is the first hottie of the day! Thank you, girl! You did amazing and I hope I didn’t keep you too long, me and my chatty mouth, haha! XOXO!




pretty in hot pink

Boudoir Sneak Peek | Miami

Got home from FL last night at midnight, what a blast! Started off in Miami and then headed to Orlando, definitely fun places to go! It was great to meet you, girl! You did an amazing job! Here is your sneak peek!



gorgeous girlie!

Boudoir Sneak Peek | St. Louis Boudoir

What a fun weekend!! I got home from STL last night and definitely had a fantastic time.  San Antonio and Austin, you are up next! Thank you again to all the STL girls, you did fabulous! H, THANK YOU! Enjoy your sneak peek, hottie!


jeans and heels


bw hottie


Upcoming schedule | San Diego Boudoir Photographer

I’m headed off to St. Louis next week, weee! So excited to meet you girls, I know this is going to be fun!

Here is a list of other upcoming cities, if you want to book a session, shoot me an email at desireehayesphotography@gmail.com (or you can click the “book me” link above at the top of the blog.)

San Diego, CA - March 27 (1 spot left at 9 am)

San Antonio, TX - April 2 (3 spots left)

Austin, TX - April 4 (2 spots left)

Miami, FL - April 30 (2 spots left)

Orlando, FL - May 2 (1 spot left)

Washington DC - May 27 (SOLD OUT)

Washington DC - May 28 (3 spots left)

Portland, OR - June 25 (2 spots left)

Seattle, WA - June 27 (3 spots left)

Denver, CO - July 16 (2 spots left)

Chicago, IL - Sept 4 (SOLD OUT)

Chicago, IL - Sept 5 (3 spots left)

Kansas City, MO - Oct 2 (SOLD OUT)

Kansas City, MO - Oct 3 (3 spots left)

I also have a Hawaii one in the works for November (Oahu) and will have those exact dates out soon!

……..and because no blog post is good without a picture, here is one of my daughter, Daphne, from this morning.  She’s our little bed bug and joins us every night around 4 am with “Can I sleep wif you?”


One more (anon) philly sneak peek coming up soon as well! :)

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