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San Diego and Temecula Boudoir: The beautiful *K*

Sneak peek time for the gorgeous K! Super fun shoot.  You did awesome and I had a fabulous time meeting you!

(This one is my super most favorite outfit and hello, fantastic shoe choice as well. Weee!)

I’ve had a few people ask about that duvet cover. It’s called “Waterfall” and it’s from Urban Outfitters.

San Diego Couple Photographer: T + D

I love shooting couples.  So fun! Tim and Denise, Happy 5 year Anniversary! You guys did fantastic! Denise is a local photographer too, you can check her out HERE. Tim is a winemaker here in Temecula Valley.  Thanks for the yummy Leonesse wine, guys! We did the shoot at the new Monte De Oro Winery. Go have a taste and check out the beautiful view!

Okay, on to the pictures! Arent they such an adorable couple?!

San Clemente Engagement Sneak Peek | Jessica and Stephen

What a fun engagement session.  You guys rock.  Thanks for being so awesome, from running in heels to make the train to getting soaked in the freezing ocean!  Hope you guys stopped and got a latte on the way home to warm up! Enjoy your sneak peek! 


San Diego Engagement : Micah and Emily

Micah and Emily, it was fabulous meeting you two! You picked a great location, enjoy your sneak peek!

Micah and Emily were engaged at Seaport Village so definitely the perfect spot for their engagement session! First, we started off at the studio, to which I forgot my keys in my other camera bag!! So we went downstairs outside of the studio instead.  Thanks for being so easy going! (P.S. Great outfits!)


San Diego Couple Photographer……{passion}

This hottie couple are friends of ours, we had a lot of fun! We started off with dinner at Rosa’s Cantina and then walked around Old Town Temecula taking couple pics of each other. A big thanks to Denise Kramer for the pics she did of Jon and I as well! :)  Here are a few of my favorites.  I always love the lovey dovey passionate ones.  Yay for happy in love couples! 

and right after dark

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