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San Diego and Temecula Boudoir | The Fabulous *A*

*A* rocked it! Thank you girl, I had a blast!!

There is a slight bit of partial nudity ahead but it’s like “PG-13 Titanic style classy artsy partial nudity.”  Just wanted to warn those that may be offended although I doubt you are even on my blog if you are easily offended.  Unless you are a stalker. LOL

P.S. Mom, do not scroll down.  If you do, I shall expect my phone to be ringing soon with the “Oh SISSY!” <– That’s my in trouble name even at 30 years old.

San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek for *L*

Had such a lovely time with you, L! Happy 35th Anniversary! Have a great one! Enjoy your sneak peek! 


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