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We are all moved | summer + my kids

We are all moved and internet hooked up and all of that good stuff! All caught up on emails even, woot woot!  It’s a HOT one here this weekend, here are a few of my kiddos playing outside tonight. They are getting so big. As of Thursday I will have a 4th grader and a kindergartner! Kindergarten is all day here and this will be the first time in nine years that I don’t have a kiddo here with me during the weekday, it’s going to be weird. Maybe I will be caught up on work for once……OR mimosa breakfast time (ha, kidding!)

I love these popsicle molds. $3.99 from Fresh and Easy. I think I need to make some Ciroc Coconut Vodka + pineapple juice ones for mama. ;)


Sprinklers and wrestling:


“Let me in, he’s spraying me!”

he\'s spraying me!

A day at the San Diego county fair

Yesterday we took the kids to the fair and they had fun riding rides, eating junk, and looking at the animals.  They werent very thrilled with me trying to take pictures of them (we call it “Photographer’s Child Syndrome.”)  HAHAHAHAHA!

One part I did NOT appreciate about the fair is the “scream zone” thing at the entrance.  My kid is now traumatized and thinks one of those “scary men” are now in her closet.  A clown that looks like “IT” is not the brightest idea for a bunch of little kids!  Daphne says “I am never going to a fair again, there are scary men there!”  I did happen to get a few pictures before we saw “scary men” when all was still right with the fair world.  LOL :P

and a little storyboard

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