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One more personal post…..:)

My little soon to be ballerina! I love taking “funky” pics for fun and thought her twirling in her new ballet outfit would be perfect for that.

P.S.  Boudoir album post coming up next! As in tonight….I promise! HAHA

Sorry and Daphne

I know I have been a bad blogger! Sorry for that! This month has been a little nuts.  Had some great sessions with some great people, am getting ready to move (locally), and preparing for Micah and Emily’s wedding on Saturday.  Stay tuned for that blog post in a few days!

In the meantime here are a few pics of my daughter from last week. I woke up to plastic doll feet being bounced on my face and when I opened my eyes saw that my four year old had an entire crew sleeping with us in the bed.  Yes, she still crawls in our bed every night (actually early morning around 3-4 am.) I hear my creaky door open and it used to scare me thinking it was a knife wielding murderer but it’s always a small girl with her hands full of her “friends.”  Which I guess could be equally scary if you werent expecting it or dont have a small girl living with you in your house.  LOL Anyways, I will stop blabbering now.

P.S.  If you see drool on the pillow, let’s blame the kid.

Daphne and Lola, her Build-a-Bear that she got with my grandparents.  She hasnt lost Lola’s shoes yet which means she EXTRA loves her.

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