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San Diego Boudoir Photographer | Random Jabber

Doesnt the post title look funny?  I always feel like the biggest dork putting “San Diego Boudoir Photographer” in my post titles but I do that for Google so potential clients can find me. Just thought I should mention that so people dont think I am crazy and having to continuously remind myself of my own job. HAHA!

Okay, so onto the random jabber.  Great weekend, fun clients. Love meeting new people!  Hmm?  What else? I moved a few weeks ago so I am still trying to play catch up. I should take a picture of my home office. It is a mess. It’s kind of that extra room we threw all the random boxes into an just never unpacked.  Somehow my kids tipped over a box of random pictures and I was looking at the stack on the ground thinking “what is that? Oh great, its a picture of a placenta.”  Yes, disgusting. I know. Why I even have a picture of my placenta I have no idea.  You’d think that puppy would be stashed away somewhere never to be found again but nope, right on top.  Fabulous. The picture underneath of it wasnt so fantastic either.  Just sayin.

Okay right, back to my original thought….(I am sort of ADD)….boxes, moving, catching up! I’m hoping by TOMORROW (actually today, its 1:20 am, I had a coffee @ 11 to try to keep me awake) all of last weekend’s shoot galleries will be ready! Weeee! Thanks for hanging tight this week, girls! You rock!

Ooh, another thing, just hit 550 fans on the Facebook page. Double weeee! I swear I dont spam people so for them to just add me on their own makes me happy!  Smooches to all of you!

Last random thought, google Lillian Bassman.  She’s 93 year old New York photographer and I just find her work from the 40s and 50s soooooo inspiring! It’s kind of boudoir-ish. Maybe more to the “glamour” aspect but wow, I love it.  I also love her love story.  In love for 77 years until he passed away at the age of 94.  Gives you chills, right?

Okay, I should stop my middle of night blabbering.  Here is a picture from today.  Dont expect it to be awesome, its from my camera phone.  Don’t let my husband see either, I tell him how hard I am working when I’m at my studio while he is home watching the kids. ;)

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