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Ballet and the Boxer

Weird mix, right? Haha!

This summer my daughter had her first ballet class.  My mom signed her up and took her most of the days because I had sessions already scheduled but I was able to make a couple and snagged a few pictures at the last one.  Daphne is the one with the ripped tights (she fell in the parking lot right when we got there.)  She had fun and thank you, mom! (Maybe this will redeem me from my last post?!)

Daph and her little friend, chatting!

Daph’s friend, B (and thanks T for bringing Daph to class with you guys when we couldnt make it!) This was circle time where they go to the middle and do whatever they want. B rocked it!

and then it’s my child’s turn and she goes to the middle and does a breakdance worm kind of thing. She is so my child.  Haha!

Then yesterday I was laying on the ground and tell the kids to look into my camera and make goofy faces but my boxer dog, Zoe, is totally obsessed with me and I can’t even walk one foot without her following me. Seriously. She drives me nuts. When I take a shower, she shoves her head in the back of the shower to stalk me there too.  Yes, dog, I love you too but geez! HAHA Anyways, before the kids even had a chance to do what I asked, stalker dog was in my face giving me the “but don’t you love ME?!?” face.  Girlfriend seriously needs to wax those chin hairs. :P

Ok, enough about us! Stay tuned for new marathons date in other cities!  I’m also working on a new project that will be revealed in about a month or so so stay tuned.

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