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Boudoir Tour Schedule for April to October

The past 5 months of going all over has definitely been fun. I’ve met so many great people along this journey and for that I am very grateful! I HATE flying, not gonna lie, but once feet are planted back onto the ground, it’s all good! The next few months looks like this (excuse my poor geography skills, the dots are probably “off” a little bit!) Email me at if you’d like to book a session in any of the following cities:

Miami - April 30 (1 spot left)

Orlando - May 2 (1 spot left)

Washington DC - May 28 (3 spots left)

Portland - June 25 (2 spots left)

Seattle - June 27 (1 spot left)

Denver - July 16 (3 spots left)

Chicago - September 5 (1 spot left)

Kansas City - October 3 (2 spots left)

To those of you already booked, can’t WAIT to meet you! It’s going to be a ton of fun!


Boudoir Sneak Peek | Philadelphia Boudoir

Another Philly hottie! Thank you again, girl! I had so much fun!

P.S. Thank you for the TastyKakes too, what a yummy Philly treat!

she\'s got legs!

Upcoming schedule | San Diego Boudoir Photographer

I’m headed off to St. Louis next week, weee! So excited to meet you girls, I know this is going to be fun!

Here is a list of other upcoming cities, if you want to book a session, shoot me an email at (or you can click the “book me” link above at the top of the blog.)

San Diego, CA - March 27 (1 spot left at 9 am)

San Antonio, TX - April 2 (3 spots left)

Austin, TX - April 4 (2 spots left)

Miami, FL - April 30 (2 spots left)

Orlando, FL - May 2 (1 spot left)

Washington DC - May 27 (SOLD OUT)

Washington DC - May 28 (3 spots left)

Portland, OR - June 25 (2 spots left)

Seattle, WA - June 27 (3 spots left)

Denver, CO - July 16 (2 spots left)

Chicago, IL - Sept 4 (SOLD OUT)

Chicago, IL - Sept 5 (3 spots left)

Kansas City, MO - Oct 2 (SOLD OUT)

Kansas City, MO - Oct 3 (3 spots left)

I also have a Hawaii one in the works for November (Oahu) and will have those exact dates out soon!

……..and because no blog post is good without a picture, here is one of my daughter, Daphne, from this morning.  She’s our little bed bug and joins us every night around 4 am with “Can I sleep wif you?”


One more (anon) philly sneak peek coming up soon as well! :)

Anon Sneak Peek | Philadelphia Boudoir

Just one! I didn’t do very many anonymous type shots but I’ll have your private gallery ready for you soon! :)


Cali Girls | San Diego Boudoir Photographer

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from locals lately wondering about availability for San Diego sessions (thank you past local clients for referring your friends, I truly appreciate it!!) In a few weeks I am going to be flying all over the place doing sessions but I decided to plan an impromptu shoot for my San Diego girls! I’ve added a one day hotel marathon for downtown San Diego on January 22. Three spots are available. (Albums will be ready in time for V-day.) I do have an online booking system (you can click on Jan 22 on the calendar to see availability for that day: or you can shoot me an email at  If you’d like to do a session with a friend, also shoot me an email and I can arrange the session times to keep you together (if you want to be together.)

Without my southern Cali girls, I wouldn’t even be able to be traveling all over the place so THANK YOU again for all of your support and referrals over the years! If you have a special occasion coming up, also shoot me an email and I will do my best to make it happen! XOXO!