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Denver, CO are you ready to get your boudoir on?!

July 16 is almost here! It’s going to be fun! I do still have an opening that I’d love to fill so if you know any Denver area chickies that are up for getting half naked at a fun hotel, send them my way! LOL

Also, my traveling plans are changing a bit.  My original plan was to take a year off while my daughter goes to Kindergarten this year and I know I told some of you who inquired about new cities but life has thrown us a new curve ball, my husband was laid off. SOOOOOO, travel plans continue. Throw me some new suggestions for cities! :) Another thing I am starting is a “you pick” the city. Get 5 of your friends together for boudoir party and I will fly to wherever ya’ll are for sessions in a local hotel (continental US.)

OH, one more thing….I am doing local sessions at a hotel in downtown San Diego on July 30-31. The 30th is fully booked but I have availability for two more sessions on July 31.

Shoot me an email at for more details! :)

Headed to DC

I’m flying out SUPER early in the morning for DC. Do you think they serve mimosas at the airport at 5 am? I really hate flying. Haha! Super excited to meet the DC boudoir clients! Weee! It’s going to be fun, girls! If anyone needs me, I get home Sunday evening (but I still have email access while I am there. ) I always hate posting a blog post with no pictures so here are some of today’s packages that went out! Have a great weekend, everyone!!

P.S. Update on Chicago and Kansas City sessions this fall….both are sold out! Thank you!

P.P.S. (<– I feel like a sixth grader writing a note to my friend.) All you midwest peeps, STAY SAFE! I will send “go away tornado” vibes!  Thinking of you!

another album on it\'s way to the east coast


Anon Sneak Peek | Temecula Boudoir Photographer

I promise you have a head in your gallery! ;) Anon sneaky peek!

P.S.  Here is an update on upcoming cities:

Washington DC is this weekend! Yay! I am so excited to meet all of you! I do have one spot left for Friday (May 27) @ 2:30pm. This is my last east coast boudoir marathon. Album packages (session included) start at $450. If you are interested in that opening or any of the openings below, shoot me an email at

Thank you!

Portland, Saturday June 25 (1 spot left @ 1 pm)

Seattle, Monday June 27 (1 spot left @ 10 am)

Denver, Saturday July 16 (2 spots left, 10 am or noon)

Chicago, Monday Sept 5 (1 spot left @ 1 pm)

Kansas City, Monday Oct 3 (1 spot left @ 10 am)


b/w anon

Boudoir Sneak Peek | Miami

Another beauty from Miami! Thank you, girl! You ROCKED it!

(Makeup by Amy Kubik in South Florida)


black and white

How fun! | Temecula Boudoir Photographer

Aww, thank you Clickinmoms for CMPro of the Month! Smooch! You can read the interview HERE.

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