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This month we went to Mexico for a family vacation and we had a fabulous time. Love Mexico and can’t wait to go back someday! We went to Isla Mujeres first and then Tulum.  I would move to Tulum tomorrow if I didn’t have to deal with all the citizenship paperwork, haha!! Here are some of the photos (the ones that I am in were taken by my 11 year old, Jevin.)

Isla Mujeres.  The water here is PERFECTION. Perfect temp, no waves (in Playa Norte where we stayed at Ixchel Beach Hotel) to knock the kids over, just awesome. We rented a golf cart and drove around the island to Punta Sur (beautiful views, lots of iguanas, and hit up Mango Cafe and had some coconut encrusted french toast along the way!) Don’t mind my pervy husband feeling up the goddess Ixchel. Our poor kid is so embarrassed. ;)

The turtle restoration farm near Punta Sur.  There was a little old man there that was handing the kids all sorts of creatures to hold. Daphne wanted nothing to do with them and was laughing at her brother’s misfortune of being handed things he was unsure about. When the guy busted out a giant sea cockroach and tried to make us hold it, we all ran screaming. Haha!

Tulum.  We stayed at Cabanas La Luna which I highly highly recommend. It’s right on the beach and they are cute little cabana hut things for a unique experience. Eco friendly and great food there too! You walk out the door of your cabana into white sand. We stayed in the Marrakech room (they have different themed cabanas.)

and the Mayan ruins in Tulum.  There is a man out front that sells delicious homemade coconut popsicles and I highly recommend trying one if you go. My kids weren’t huge fan of the ruins.  It was “hot” and “a lot of walking” but still worth seeing.  You could walk down some stairs from the ruins straight into the ocean.

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  1. julie said . . .

    wow, this looks like pure perfection. I would live on a beach if I could. Maybe one day.

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