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Zoe 2002-August 1, 2013

We lost our girl, Zoe, this morning. We got her in 2004.  Some friends of ours lived next door to her and I probably should not publicly post this but I will anyways, well, we stole her. The jerks who had her didn’t feed her, left her tied up in 105 heat, totally neglected. Our friends had taken pictures and called authorities and no one came to help her so one day when they were fixing their fence, they let her loose and the plan was for me to drive by immediately when they let her out so I could “find” her and the plan worked perfectly. I was waiting in my car down the street, cell rings and our friend says “Ok, go find her! She’s in the front yard now!” and I had my door open and called her and she hopped RIGHT in and we were off! She was so excited. I was kind of paranoid cops would show up to take me to jail but if the owners didn’t care enough to feed her, I doubt they cared enough to look for her. She sat ON me while I was driving home just wagging her little stump tail and licking me.

We took her to the vet and she was about 15 pounds underweight and they estimated her to be about 2 years old.  Jevin was 2 at the time also so they grew up together. We had another boxer, Zeke, who was 3 at the time so it was a full house of hyper for awhile. She had no manners, peed everywhere (we had to replace the carpet with wood floors shortly after her arrival) and it took her about a year to be potty trained. She was never the brightest but she was SUCH a lover! She never did learn to walk well on a leash. Up until a month ago (when she started getting sick) she pulled you like she was a sled dog trying to win a race.  God forbid she see a cat on our walks! She never did learn that she wasn’t a teacup poodle either and would sit ON me wherever I was. Even at her highest weight of 70 pounds. Ha! She was my shadow.  Even if I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and she was in a dead sleep, two feet out of my bedroom door and there she was, right behind me.  When I took showers she would poke her head in the back like “Hey, just making sure you didn’t leave.” When the kids went to school, it was just us all day and I talked to her like she was a real person and she had eyes like she totally understood you. She had a lot of expression. When I mopped and vacuumed and made her stay on the couch she would make a pout face like a kid in trouble. The word walk (which we had to spell unless we were leaving immediately) would send her into a circle spinning frenzy. She loved to beg, eat, sleep, go on walks, and car rides. If you go in the car and get to the destination, you’d have to carry her big butt out because she wanted to stay in. If anyone had food or snacks, she was a total drool fest. We had to keep a towel by us when we watched TV and ate snacks at night just to wipe her drool. Ha!

I don’t know how many pairs of window blinds she has eaten, but I’m pretty sure we have kept Home Depot in business. She got better in her older ages but until about age 8, if I went outside and forgot to pull the blinds up, she would paw them looking for me. Even 2 inch wood ones she would have all cracked down the middle. I went outside with Jevin at 2-3 am to watch a meteor shower one time and we were out there maybe 20 minutes and I go back in the house and blinds, gone. Despite all that, she had the best personality. So good with the kids, good with Zeke (who we also lost in early August, two years ago.  Almost to the day.) When she was young and hyper it was fun to tease her and run up the stairs, stop halfway, run back down, and do it over and over because she would follow my every step (and get some exercise in the process!)

7 weeks ago we took her to the vet for a cough and heavy breathing and she had congestive heart failure, which is common in senior boxers.  Medications helped for awhile but this week she got pretty bad. Last night was awful.  I slept with her out in the couch and she could barely sleep and kept throwing up and pacing. I knew she was miserable. For the first time in her life she wouldn’t eat (girlfriend LOVED to eat!) and she didn’t follow me this morning. We went to the vet and she was in heart failure and he also said she had cancer spots under her tongue, probably from being in her blood. They gave her a sedative and I laid with her on a dog bed on the floor while they gave her the go to sleep medicine. She just went to sleep peacefully but it was so hard to leave her there. Your brain knows she is gone but it’s horrible to walk out with just a leash and a collar. Today feels weird. It’s oddly quiet. I don’t hear nails clicking on the tile when I walk from her following me and when I cut the crusts off the kids sandwiches, there was no one to give them to.  Her hair is still on my shirt from holding her and her bed is still next to my bed. I’ve haven’t had a dogless house in over 12 years. Eventually we will rescue another one, legit style this time and not a homemade theft rescue.  No one arrest me for this post! XOXO! ~Des

This is about a week after we first got her in 2004. She had already gained 15 pounds (in a week!) in this picture. She also was in heat when we took her (she got spayed shortly after) which explains the toddler boy training pants. Notice she made herself at home very quickly:

Late 2004 - No more ribs sticking out!

A couple years ago, she had the longest tongue ever.

More recently, the last year or two, she loved to shake hands.

and a collection of instagram pics of Ms. Zoe, yes her nails are painted in one of them. She would sit by me and Daph when we were painting our nails like “hey, I’m a girl too!”

We’ll miss you, Zoe! Thank you to her vet, Robert Woods in Garden Grove for making her last moments peaceful.

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