My big girl!

Ever since Daphne started kindergarten this year, she has been begging to get her ears pierced. I am kind of anti-pierce little kid’s ears, but telling her “They poke a needle through your ear!” wasn’t dissuading her anymore.  She kept saying “It only hurts for a second, right?” “Yep, but you have to sit really still.” “Okay, let’s go right now!” “Are you sure?” “YES!” I told her to sleep on it and the next day as soon as school was over she asked “Are we going to get my ears pierced now?!” “Okay, fine.” LOL So we went. She started off super excited then got a little nervous when they put the little things up to her ears. She yelled “Ow!” and jumped a little bit when they clicked and then shot both of the girls and me dirty looks. LOL When we left she said “I HATE earrings!” but as soon as we got a fruit smoothie and back to the car, she was excited. The back of one earring fell off in her sleep so that was big drama the next morning but I found it in her bed and put it back on (she thought it was going to hurt like piercing again) and then she was excited to go to school and show her friends. The light in there wasn’t great but here are a few pics I took of the occasion. ;)

Daphne\"I don\'t like those ladies!\"


  1. Tara WElch said . . .

    It’s moments like this that make me think I could reproduce! Way to go Daphne! One day when you are wearing mile long feathers from your ears you’ll realize how BAD ASS earrings are!

    Posted December 8, 2011 at 10:04 am | Permalink
  2. Kinya Franklin said . . .

    That is the cutest thing ever. Even without the back story, your pictures tell the whole story. She was MAD!!! And you could see it. I’m proud of her for following through with her decision. Well done, mom.

    Posted January 14, 2014 at 12:51 am | Permalink

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