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more Colorado hotness | Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Sneak peek for the fabulous A! Thank you girl, you did awesome!

(P.S. I am headed to Palm Springs in the morning with my family for a mini vacation but I get home Sunday. If I am slow to respond, that’s why. LOL)



love those shoes!



Colorado Hottie | Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Got back from Denver this week and had a great time! Took pics of some hotties and met up with my fun cousins who live in the area and we had a great time.  Great trip!

If you notice the title up there it now says “Los Angeles” Boudoir Photographer and there is a reason for that, I am moving there in three weeks.  The hubby got a new job and we are off for new adventures in LA. (It’s not THAT far anyways but I’m super excited to be much closer to LAX! No more of that crazy 91 traffic!)

Anyways, on to the pictures! T, here is your sneak peek! You did fabulous and it was great to meet finally meet you (we met online on a photography forum a few years ago, she’s a cool chick!)


pretty in purple


Denver, CO are you ready to get your boudoir on?!

July 16 is almost here! It’s going to be fun! I do still have an opening that I’d love to fill so if you know any Denver area chickies that are up for getting half naked at a fun hotel, send them my way! LOL

Also, my traveling plans are changing a bit.  My original plan was to take a year off while my daughter goes to Kindergarten this year and I know I told some of you who inquired about new cities but life has thrown us a new curve ball, my husband was laid off. SOOOOOO, travel plans continue. Throw me some new suggestions for cities! :) Another thing I am starting is a “you pick” the city. Get 5 of your friends together for boudoir party and I will fly to wherever ya’ll are for sessions in a local hotel (continental US.)

OH, one more thing….I am doing local sessions at a hotel in downtown San Diego on July 30-31. The 30th is fully booked but I have availability for two more sessions on July 31.

Shoot me an email at for more details! :)

Sneak Peek | Another Seattle Boudoir Beauty!

Another beauty from Seattle! Thank you, girl! You did fabulous at your session!


Anonymous Hottie | Seattle Boudoir Sneak Peek

I promise you have a head in the majority of your photos, girl! LOL Here is your anon sneaky peek!

She\'s got legs!

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