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9.25.10 Jessica and Stephen | San Juan Capistrano Wedding Photographer

Where do I even begin? Stephen and Jessica, thank you so much for choosing me.  You guys are AWESOME.  You are some of the most considerate people I have ever met!  I had a great time photographing your wedding.  I know you guys will have a fabulous life together! Have a blast on your honeymoon and enjoy your sneak peek!

Stephen and Jessica’s gorgeous wedding was at The Forster Mansion in San Juan Capistrano. Flowers (arent they awesome?!) were done by Flower Company of San Clemente.  Hair and makeup done by Beauty and the Beach (Heather and Mariah.)

Also wanted to give a huge thank you to my friend Kelly Mendoza of True Bliss Photo who second shot with me.  Thank you, Kelly!

Thursday Thoughts

I just got notification that I had a lot of blog comments to approve so I log in and half of them are spam from someone named “Oral Contraceptive.”  Little does Oral Contraceptive know that the husband has been snipped and we do not need his or her services.  But thank you for the offer.

Thought #2….hmmm.  Ooh, I remember! I have two spots left for boudoir (or boudoir style maternity) for October 10th in LA (West Hollywood to be exact.) My hair and makeup artist will be available on location for that one. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

Below is a typical Thursday morning at our house.  Jon is off to work, Jevin is off to school and that leaves Daphne and I.  I love doing “day in the life” type shoots except that it’s really hard to take pictures of yourself. You have to set it up, time it, get the kid to cooperate, and run for it. HAHA

I think I might start doing these again.  Pancake breakfast and piggy back rides down a hallway on a Sunday morning or Bedtime in superman jammies while jumping on the bed, how fun would that be? Real life.

Morning cartoons and her favorite blankie that she has named “Noni.” She has a pink one that she calls “pink noni” but she much prefers “blue noni.”

Time for breakfast!

and this is when everyone says she looks like me, when she is making a goofy face.

This is some serious bed head.

Her coffee.  Just kidding.  It’s mine.

and don’t judge me for this one, it could be worse. I could be sporting hair curlers or holding a Bud Light.

Have a wedding this weekend in San Juan Capistrano that I am so excited about, blog sneak for that will be up Sunday or Monday.  Okay! I’m off! I have twenty minutes before my husband comes home which means rush around and clean up stuff so it appears I at least did SOMETHING while being home today.  Then off to ZUMBA!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Boudoir Albums

Here are a couple of pictures of what the boudoir albums look like. Perfect size for your underwear drawer. Wait, did I just say that? If I ever die, please do not look in my underwear drawer (or nightstand.) That especially applies to my parents, inlaws, and children. :P

Anyways….these come in a ton of different colors and fabrics.  I do keep some in stock so I can have a faster turn around time but you can custom order any color or fabric you like (takes about 4 weeks.)

My Friend Sarah

I have known Sarah since we were 9 years old. She is such a beautiful person inside and out.  We saran wrapped toilet seats at slumber parties together, ran outside in swimming suits in the snow, wore matching pajamas to school on pajama day, read Babysitter’s Club books and planned to open a daycare together when we grew up (Ha, we were 9 then, don’t judge us!) She is one of those friends that is friends for life.  Heck, she was even there when I peed on a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  We live 1200 miles apart now but still see each other a few times a year.

She just had her first baby last month, but things didn’t go so well. :( On August 24, she was having a bad headache and heartburn so they decided to go to the hospital (she was due with the baby.)  When they got there she had a brain aneurysm. They gave her a cesarean section and their baby girl, Sage, was born beautiful and healthy.  She looks just like Sarah.  Same little nose and everything!  Sarah was in a coma for a few weeks following.  On Sept 2 she was able to wiggle her toes and squeeze a hand.  On Sept 3 her breathing tube was removed.  On Sept 6 she had moments of comprehension and was able to make movements when asked.  On the 10th she reached for her husband Nate’s hand and touched little Sage’s ear.  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief but it will be a long road of recovery ahead.  She has been able to hold the baby as of recently.  It will be a while before she can fully communicate and move around but the progress has been good.  I can only imagine how hard it is been for her hubby (who is AWESOME by the way) to take his baby girl home without her mama.  Sarah has an amazing husband, family, and friends and is in good hands.  Tomorrow (Sept 18th) there will be a Sarah Bower Benefit Sale in Issaquah, WA and if anyone is local and would like address information, please shoot me an email at

If anyone else would like to make a donation there is a fund set up through Wells Fargo called “The Sarah Bower Donation Fund” or there is also a paypal fund that her friend Jill set up and you can donate by clicking here: Sarah Bower Donation Fund.

You also might remember them from this image in 2008 at her sister’s wedding.  I love this picture of her, laughing and happy.  Sarah, when you get better and read this, I love you and hope you can go home to Nate and Sage SOON!!!!

Desiree Does Atlanta | January 2011

YAY! I will be in Atlanta doing boudoir sessions on January 14 and 15.  I just got permission to shoot at the most fabulous place and I am beyond excited because it totally matches my photography style. Weeee! Album packages start @ 450, please shoot me an email for more details:

I have 3 spaces left on Friday the 14th, and 2 spaces left for Saturday the 15th.

I have to add a picture of course because what’s a blog post without an image?! This is the beautiful *D*

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