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San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek for the beautiful *C*

You did fabulous, girl! What a great groom’s gift! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek for the adorable *C*

Thank you, C, I had a great time with you! You did a fabulous job! Enjoy your sneak peek!

San Diego Couple Photographer: T + D

I love shooting couples.  So fun! Tim and Denise, Happy 5 year Anniversary! You guys did fantastic! Denise is a local photographer too, you can check her out HERE. Tim is a winemaker here in Temecula Valley.  Thanks for the yummy Leonesse wine, guys! We did the shoot at the new Monte De Oro Winery. Go have a taste and check out the beautiful view!

Okay, on to the pictures! Arent they such an adorable couple?!

San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek for the amazing *T*

I met T a couple of years ago on a photography forum and it was sooo fabulous to meet her in person!  When she said she was coming to visit the area, I was so excited!  She is an insanely beautiful person, inside and out! (Obviously!) It was lovely to meet you, T! Hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend in Cali!

One more personal post…..:)

My little soon to be ballerina! I love taking “funky” pics for fun and thought her twirling in her new ballet outfit would be perfect for that.

P.S.  Boudoir album post coming up next! As in tonight….I promise! HAHA

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