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San Diego Boudoir Photographer | Featured on the Maternal Lens

Totally forgot to blog this last week! Thanks again to Shannon and The Maternal Lens for featuring me! That was fun! You can read the “low down” here:

The Maternal Lens.

Happy Anniversary to us!

EXACTLY 11 years ago (had a 4 pm wedding) I was walking down the aisle asking my dad if it was too late to decide to elope.  HAHA Wasnt a big fan of being in front of 300+ people.  HAHA

It’s been a good 11 year ride, Jonny boy! Love you so much! Happy Anniversary!

San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek for the hot *M*

Had so much fun in NC with you, M! Hopefully all the snow is melting. LOL!! You both did awesome.  You already know that I suck at writing words on blog posts so I’ll just say: here is your sneaky peek, hottie!

some vintagey colors

and a few sneak peek of your couple shots.  You guys are adorable! The first shot of a couple shoot always looks a little something like this and its always one of my faves!

another fave:

San Diego Boudoir | The Smokin’ *J*

Thank you J! Soooo much fun!! Thank you for the yummy bottle of wine too! You are gorgeous, have a blast at your wedding. What a great groom’s gift!

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