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San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek for *D*

Thanks so much for coming in today, D! You did fabulous! Here is your sneaky peek, you are gorgeous!

Those are her real lashes! I am so jealous!

This is actually my desk, a glass top that says “love” all over it in different languages. 

Thanks again, D! You rocked it!

Sometimes you just need a break.

We’ve had a crazy past couple of months.  My poor kids have been neglected (not like CPS neglected but like “we want our mom to play with us again” neglected) and its easy to try to please everyone else first because the kids never get mad at you.  I’ve been crazy busy, my husband’s work schedule has been nuts ( I feel like a single mama this past month, thank you my husband’s company if you even read this. Doubtful. LOL!!) Add some sickness on that and NO BUENO! So anyways, I’ve finally starting to wrap stuff up but still crazy and my kid is hanging on me saying “mama! Mama!  MAMA! I want a snack! Read me this book! Let’s play hide and seek! Wipe my butt! I drew you a picture!” All the parents out there know what I mean! It’s pretty much impossible to get any type of work done at home.

There comes a point when you have to realize and say “screw it! My kids need some attention!” SOOOOOO, Jevin got to go with grandpa on his truck route (my dad is a long haul truck driver) because he is out of school this week.  Jon is away working again, I miss him! (No, this is not an invitation to come murder me, I have dogs, big ones.) But you dont really realize how much someone helps out until they arent here! I’m not the best domestic goddess and one day he came home after a few days and looked around and said “What, did your maid quit?”  HAHAHAHA

Soooooo it’s girls week this week! I wanted to take Daph to do something fun too instead of staring at me working.  LOL Today she had her very first manicure and pedicure.  Thank you Professional Nails for being so good with her!  She felt like such a big girl! 

She asked her if she wanted a flower and she said “Flower?  On my TOE?”  HAHA

finished product (and yes, we had smoothies for dinner! Hey dont judge.  LOL)

Now it’s time to go find something healthier for dinner and then have a girls camp out in the living room. When she falls asleep, I can sneak away and get back to work.  Sometimes you just need a quick break!


The Beautiful T Family

This awesome family is my last family shoot so it was kind of bittersweet! I’ve had a lot of great families over the last two years and wanted to say thank you for supporting me and helping me get to where I am today. 

I started out planning on doing kids and families but it turns out my niche is boudoir and couples and I am going to roll with it and see where the next turn takes me.  XOXO to all of you! If anyone needs recommendations for a local family and childrens photographer, I have some great ones to point you to! 

Okay, so on to the T family sneak peek! You guys did awesome, thanks for being so easy going! I love the apple farm too, the fall colors and leaves are fun and something that is hard to find in southern Cali!

The adorable parents:

the adorable kiddos

some lollipop fun!

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