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San Clemente Engagement Sneak Peek | Jessica and Stephen

What a fun engagement session.  You guys rock.  Thanks for being so awesome, from running in heels to make the train to getting soaked in the freezing ocean!  Hope you guys stopped and got a latte on the way home to warm up! Enjoy your sneak peek! 



Update on the Snap! meeting! We had a pretty big response so we had to draw names out of a hat due to space and seating for my studio.  The 10 names drawn were:

Deanne B.
Sarah T.
Kathleen M.
Sarah A.
Patty R.
Candace S.
Vicky E.
Kristy R.

We will email you ladies with more info! If anyone is unable to make it let us know and we can draw out of the other names. Those of you who aren’t able to attend this one, we’ll be doing another meeting soon so stay tuned!!!  We looking forward to meeting you! 

And because a blog post looks totally empty without any images, and because I havent taken any today, I am going to add a music video of Lauren O’Connell and Julia Nunes who I think are awesome.  Independent artists rock.  They are both on iTunes too:


10.4.09 Fun weekend

Friday I had a fabulous time with *T* at her boudoir shoot.  Hope you had a great flight home, T! After the shoot I went and checked into a cute hotel down the street from my studio called The Keating.  My hubby was meeting me down there after the kid pickup/drop off schedule, LOL. (Thanks mom and dad for watching the kiddos!)  We were headed to the Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley concert later that night and decided to stay in town.  The concert was fun, although CROWDED.  I’ve been to that venue a few times and I have never seen it that crowded.  It was practically a make out session with the stranger next to you. :P  Let’s also add that open toe shoes in an overly crowded country concert (think cowboy boots) is NOT a fantastic idea.  

I got to the hotel about an hour before my hubby so I entertained myself by taking pictures. HAHA

being a dork per usual (p.s. dont judge me, I walked a couple blocks in the rain! LOL)

The concert was fun, no pics though….no “professional cameras” allowed.  Darn. We had fun with our friends Courtney and Danny.  Afterwards we hit up the Yard House for some late night nachos and coconut shrimp.  Yes, that is probably why my pants are tight.  :P  My poor husband was so tired he fell asleep in the booth.  Getting up at 3:50 am for work that day probably didnt help the “tired factor.”

The next day we got up and headed to pick up the kids at my parents house and for my sister in law’s baby shower.  Yep, I have a niece on the way! Sophie should be making her debut in November sometime.  Danielle, I am forcing you to take maternity shots this week.  You have no choice in the matter. ;)

Kelsey, the hair and makeup artist for the boudoir shoots, is a super crafty one…she made this cute cake and the yummy sangria. I’m super impressed, I cant even make a Betty Crocker cake with box instructions.  

No baby shower is complete without beverages for the non-pregnant peeps. :P

Okay, that’s all my jabbering for today, I am headed off to a beach family shoot.  Watch for a blog post tomorrow about the “SNAP! Jam” information.  Kristin and I are going to draw names out of a hat tonight and will post the info tomorrow on both of our blogs! 

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