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We have a little bed hog that sneaks into our bed every night around 3 am.  She comes walking in with her pillow, her sippy of water, and her “noni” (pronounced naw-nee) which is her blanket.  It’s a ratty old blanket that is stained up and completely embarrassing to take anywhere but she adores it.  ”Noni” has been on top of a spaghetti plate, an airplane, and probably used as a cape for the dog.  So “noni” joins us at 3 am as well.  Even if I get pushed off the bed all night, it’s worth it in the morning.  

This is what I wake up to each and every day.   

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  1. Andrea said . . .

    what a precious thing to wake up to! Morning breath and all!

    Posted August 15, 2009 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

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