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I get a lot of questions about boudoir so I thought I would start doing a post every couple of weeks with a new question and answer.  If anyone has one, feel free to put it in the comment box below or shoot me an email.

One of my more common asked questions is “What percentage of your boudoir clients get hair and makeup?”  I’d say about 60-70%.  I also get a lot of “do you recommend it?” questions. The answer is yes.

 The makeup artist is Kelsey Brown.  She also happens to my sister-in-law so that is pretty cool we get to work together! She’s super fun and down to earth and we have a great time during shoots.  She rocks the natural but sexy look.  She’s also super great with false lashes (as you see in most of the shoots, I highly recommend getting lashes!)  I think getting hair and makeup adds to the whole experience.  It’s a relaxing, fun start to great shoot.  You come in to the studio, chat, have a glass of champagne, get in a robe, get your makeup and hair done……IT’S JUST FUN! Like a spa day (minus the water) and you get an album showcasing YOU as the art and it lasts forever.  Plus you leave feeling like a million bucks!

So make a boudoir appt, add the hair and makeup, pamper yourself, and come and meet us (we wont make these faces at the shoot, we promise. HAHA!)


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  1. Kelly said . . .

    When I had my boudoir shoot in February Kelsey did my hair and make-up. There is NO WAY I could have done as good a job as she did and it made the images I got so much better. I think Kelsey and Desiree’s talent go hand in hand to make a boudoir shoot complete.

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