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San Diego Boudoir: Sneak Peek

Introducing the beautiful *W* Had so much fun with you today, girl!  Enjoy your sneak peek and the rest of your time in So Cali! 

San Diego Boudoir Photographer: me

This makes me laugh!  My friend (and fabulous newborn, kid, and family photographer Ashley McNamara) took these shots of me last week. Yes I know, I am a huge dork. I also need a root touch up BAD. I think I am the only girl on the planet that hates getting her hair done.  LOL I cant sit that long with my ADD personality.  Those hair dryer hat things are very clausterphobic feeling too! HAHA

Anyways, I am eventually going to redo my blog (and put the new logo, colors, and pic.)  Yeah I know, I said that months ago. HAHA TIME! I need some more. LOL  I am terrible at the “back end technical” stuff.  All the html code stuff….pretty much lost me at HTML. :P

My blog is slow lately, I know. ;) I do 99% boudoir and understandably, not everyone wants to be on the internet in a corset. ;) Speaking of, off to a shoot right now! If anyone is needing a boudoir session ASAP, I now have an opening for May 31 and June 7.  Otherwise no more weekend availability until July.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

San Diego Boudoir Photography: Sneak Peek

For the beautiful S! :) Hope you had a blast at your boudoir shoot, you rocked it! Cant wait for your upcoming wedding!! :) Enjoy your sneak peek, S!


San Diego Couple Photographer……{passion}

This hottie couple are friends of ours, we had a lot of fun! We started off with dinner at Rosa’s Cantina and then walked around Old Town Temecula taking couple pics of each other. A big thanks to Denise Kramer for the pics she did of Jon and I as well! :)  Here are a few of my favorites.  I always love the lovey dovey passionate ones.  Yay for happy in love couples! 

and right after dark

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