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I have the best friends!!!!! THANK YOU!

Okay, so let me update you all with what has been going on the past few weeks.  ;)  I got a studio.  It’s in downtown San Diego, near gas lamp district.  We are working on it and putting in new floors and it should be ready soon.  I’ll take pics and post them as soon as its finished.  We are aiming to open January 5th.

To make a boudoir session appointment (sessions are by appt only), give me a call or shoot me an email.  All boudoir sessions that take place before Jan 31st get the “grand opening” special of 10% off AND are guaranteed delivery by February 12th. Want to see some samples?  Drop me an email.  Another note, these sessions are private.  If you see pics online, it means the client allowed me to do so.  You wont be popping up on the internet unless you want to be.  ;) 

Now for the friends part.  Let me give a public THANK YOU shoutout to Treva, Dalia, Jennifer, Laura, Natalie, Holly, Tara, Merna, Doreen, Lindsey, Bethanie, Heather, Deanna, Sarah, Kristie C., Amy, Elise, Brandi, Michaela, and Melanie.  They are all photographers too and got me a big gift certificate to Home Depot (PERFECT for fixing up the studio) and also the cutest tree!  The tree is going front and center in my studio and I will think of them all every time I see it.  Thank you sooooooo much, girls! I have really really great friends!!!  I linked their names, they are from all over the country (and even Nova Scotia and Alberta!) 

I’ve also had many offers from local photogs, offering to help paint or even babysit!  THANK YOU ALL for being so excited for me!  What a great community when even your “competitors” are cheering you on.  You all rock tremendously!  

Mom and Dad, I love the chaise!  It will go PERFECTLY! Thank you!! 

Sneak peek: urban + beach maternity

The beautiful Victoria O’Leary!  She’s a photographer from the Redondo Beach area.  I had a great time with you and your family, Victoria.  What a cute fam you are.  Such great troopers in the freezing cold, too! 

My blog is acting crazy and not letting me upload anymore at the moment.  I’ll add the rest of the pics in the morning.  :)

Family of 3.5: sneak peek

This is Tia, Ryan, and Bryce.  Another little one is hiding in mama’s tummy still too.  ;) She should make her debut in April! So exciting! I had fun with you guys, thanks for being so easy going! Here’s your sneak peek!

Awesome urban family: sneak peek

This week I had the privilege of taking some urban shots of a friend’s family.  They were visiting from northern Cali and the mama is a photographer too.  Anyone from the sacramento area can check her out here! I had a blast with you guys! 

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