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Sneak peek: Vinny!

Vinny is the youngest child of my friend, Konny.  We met when we were pregnant with our girls and get this, we had them the same day, both home waterbirths, both right around 7:45 am! So funny! Vinny is so handsome!  They were in town visiting this weekend so we met up at the park and did some pics of the little guy! I had fun seeing you, Konny!  Here is your sneak peek!

had to throw a vintage one in too.  ;) Telling his mama a story!

It was awesome seeing ya, girl! I’ll get the rest finished soon.  ;) 


Fun times!!

Went to Denise’s house again and we played dress up and took pics of each other.  LOL It’s so fun to have other photographer friends! Denise, you are rad, love ya girl! 

a little more vintage and some grain


Slacking again, sorry!

I’m sick AGAIN!  Fabulous.  LOL Least I am feeling better after only 2 days this time! LOL Last time I had no voice for almost 2 weeks!  On a good note, I get to go pick up my camera from the “camera spa” tomorrow.  It needed a cleaning, BAD!

  I think I am caught up on all my emails, yay!  Print shipments to the “long distancers” are going out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled! ;)  Hope everyone is having a great week! I’ll have some new images to blog shortly.  I wish I had my main camera today, my son dressed himself for school.  Think dark blue/gray/maroon plaid shorts, pale blue motsumotos shirt with a snow cone on it, ankle socks, black velcro shoes, and a red angels hat.  Hey, it builds character.  LOL  Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sneak peek: adorable fam!

Lindsey, Jeff, Madeline, and Ava, you guys rock!  Had so much fun with you guys.  Lindsey is a photographer serving the Ventura/West LA county areas.  Check her out HERE! 

Boudoir with two fun photogs!

I’ll keep ya both nameless and headless. ;) (Although if these were me I’d be making claim, you girls are smokin!) We had a fun little meetup last week.  I LOVE doing boudoir shots.  So fun!  

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