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9.27.08 wedding

I went and second shot with Courtney Allison and it was such a blast to get to take part in Germain and Athena’s big day! What an adorable fun couple!  Had a blast with you, Courtney!

I made them do it. LOL



Sneak peek: hot mama Linda!

Linda, Carlos, and Marcus, it was sooo awesome to meet you guys!  I had a ton of fun doing your pics!  What a gorgeous family! I’m so excited for you guys to welcome your new baby to the world!  I think its so awesome that its a surprise too!  Cant wait to here the “it’s a ………..” announcement! 

Enjoy your sneak peek! 


I win.

The world’s worst mom award that is!  EEK! On Fridays school gets out an hour earlier than the rest of the week.  It was always my worst fear that I would forget and well, today was that day.  I see the school district phone number on my cell phone and instantly bolted out the door.  When I walked into the office he said “you forgot me, mama!”  I lose my car keys, drivers license, debit card….all on a regular basis but this just takes the cake.  Sorry, Jevin!

9.6.06 wedding: Katelyn and David part 1

You guys are so awesome! Thank you for being so sweet and easy going.  I had a great time at your wedding!  You’re married!  So exciting!  Here is part 1 of your “sneak peek!”  LOL Tons more to come!

I made them do it. LOL RING fingers. ;)


Leavin’ on a jet plane!

For the true effect of the title click HERE!  Come on now, you have to click it. :)

Okay, so heading back to Seattle in the morning! Another wedding, yay! Fun!  Just wanted to warn everyone I will be MIA for a few days.  I get home Sunday evening.  My parents offered to take the kidlets (woot woot) so the hubster is coming with me.  This is our FIRST official “trip” with no kidlets and carseats in tow!  

Maybe LAX wont seem like such a nightmare this time. LOL  

So here are some pretty bad out of focus pics of Daph and I from today.  I was changing the sheets (grandma and grandpa will be sleeping in our bed!) and Daph decided it was more fun to jump and play.  So self timer here it is…..

(Have a fabulous weekend everyone!)

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