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Five years after session ;)

My adorable inlaws, Evan and Tasha.  We were up in WA visiting them and went out to Fairhaven in Bellingham for some fun pictures!  Their wedding photographer disappeared back in the day so they never got their wedding pics.  :(  I bet her shoes were cooler this go around though, check out the red!! (Enjoy your sneak peek, guys!  I’ll finish the rest up soon!)

Sneak peek: Katelyn and David’s engagement

You guys are so cute and so easy going. Cant wait for your wedding, less than 2 weeks away!! Woot!

and 2 outtakes that I thought were cute!

Sneak peek: Gurdeep and Shelby’s wedding

Congrats on your big day, guys!! You looked fabulous! Here is a small sneak peek.  :) Hope you guys are having a great time honeymooning!  Check out that rad hot pink dress!!  Super fun! The wedding took place in Bellingham, Washington at The Majestic.

Getting ready shots

ring bearer and flowergirl

a little bit of vintage!

More to come soon!


HS senior sneak peek: Corey

It was awesome to meet you, Corey! So glad it didnt pour rain on us, I really thought it was going to. You are so totally adorable and were so easy going and fun!  The rest will be on the website soon!

We are home and random gossip…..

Flew back into LAX today. Yay! Warmth!  Sorry Seattle, your weather totally just sucks. LOL  Daphne kissed the car when we got back to it at the parking lot.  Jessica Simpson was on our plane and she’s totally looked pregnant.  LOL I have to admit I was so tempted to take a pic while at the baggage claim but decided that would be rude.  I’m not paparazzi after all…LOL.  I actually WANT people to WANT me to take their pics, yk?!

I have a ton of work to start doing! 4 sessions and a wedding! It was fun (and busy!)  Congrats to Shelby and Gurdeep!!  Sneak peeks for most of you coming soon (less the boudoir shoot, you know who you are and no worries, they will NOT be showing up here. ;) 

Flying out again in 11 days for another wedding so those of you waiting on your proofs, I will have them done this week for sure! :) 

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