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My goal for today and a few things coming up….

Today I need to get out and get some pictures of my own kids! It’s been awhile and it’s about time. LOL They usually run and scream because they feel like they have a mamarazzi mother. LOL So my goal is to go out around sunset and find a fun spot. Hopefully the break from pictures will make them nice and smiley for me today. Doubtful, but I’ll try. HAHA  If not we can always end up at a park.  

I ordered a new lens!  I am so excited.  The 70-200L 2.8 IS.  Yummy yummy.  It’s supposed to be here in a couple days so I will surely be stalking that UPS truck.  For my photographer friends, that Canon rebate ends July 19, get in your orders!!  LOL 

Aug 16-Aug 24 we will be out of town in the Seattle area for some weddings and sessions (and to visit fam and friends, we are originally from that area!)   I fly back to Seattle Sept 5-7 for another wedding so if I am a bit slow to respond, it’s because I am working my tail off.  ;) I do have a couple session dates available before I leave but otherwise not until mid September.  If you are a maternity/newborn client, let’s get you scheduled on the books so we dont miss anything! 

Also want to send best wishes to Dani and Jed! They are having their baby TODAY!  So exciting!

Another beauty!

C. is another local photographer in my area and she is also so fun to shoot!! Thank you so much, girl!! You rocked your session. You husband will love these, great anniversary gift idea!! You have to keep me posted on what he says! ;) Thanks again, gorgeous! I still cant believe you have three kids. LOL

I also want to give a shout out to Ashley McNamara of San Diego. We went out for drinks last week and she is a SUPER cool chick! So fun. She has a new action set and I used her set to process this entire session. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her actions. EASY and fun. Click here to get them and see samples: Ashley’s Actions!

Thanks Allison for passing this on!

Check out this video, it really makes you smile!!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! (opens in new window.)

Sneak peek for T.

I had a fabulous time with all of you.  So fun! Enjoy your sneak peeks, the rest will be up with your passwords shortly! (B. yours too!!) 

Sneak peek for E.

See!!?  You know how to work it! 

Hope you didnt melt too much out there!  We need some outdoor a/c.  LOL

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