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Fall is coming: summer is here

Fall is fast approaching! Soon, the kiddos will be back in school and life will be back to “zooming by” mode!  It’s a good time to start thinking about fall family portraits.  I currently have only one opening for August (the 10th) and besides that I am booked solid until September 13.  If you would like to make arrangements for this fall, please contact me as early as possible so we dont miss anyone!  This year the deadline for end of year portraits will be Sunday, November 30th and all print orders MUST be in by Monday, December 8th in order for me to guarantee you receive them in time.  Boudoir, maternity, newborn, weddings and anything else without a December deadline will be scheduled as it normally would.  Just something to think about for the people who like to plan. ;) 

Now, onto summer!  LOL Here are a couple shots of what I like to call: ”Daphne’s Front Yard Chronicles.”

Neighbors cat that Daphne calls “titten”

and from earlier today……she thinks its so funny to check herself out in the mirror.  Yes, she is wearing boys underwear.  She gets them out of Jevin’s drawer (Jevin was NOT in a picture mood today by the way, he has a condition called PCS, aka Photographer’s Child Syndrome.  LOL!

and she climbed in my bed and fell asleep for a nap:

Oh and how about the earthquake today!? 5.8 in Chino Hills. I have to admit to saying a not-so-great word and running for the kids.  HAHA.  Such a chicken.  That noise gets me every time! I told the kids to dive under the pool table. Not sure if that is a great plan but that thing is HEAVY and it would take a lot to make that thing collapse!! 

sneak peek: maternity

Sharon and I met a few years ago when we were pregnant with our daughters who are now 2.5 years old.  We both posted on a natural parenting board.  It was so cool to get to meet recently and do some maternity pics.  You guys are such a cute family! Thanks for being so laid back and easy!  My kids are still talking about your kids and asking when we can go back to “see the kids!” I hope you are having fun on the rest of your So Cal vacation! :)  Here is a sneak peek:

and some sibling love! 

Oops, forgot to update on my new lens!

It has arrived!  I love it.  70-200L 2.8 IS.  Yummy yummy!   I hit up my favorite super close easy traintrack spot at sunset just to test it out with my little built in mini models………..

She thinks its hillarious to stick her butt out when you try to take her picture.

The Jev-ster

Papa putting her necklace on….

She likes it:

New locations……

Any photographer will tell you we are ALWAYS on the hunt for new locations.  I used to hate being a passenger in the car (control freak, yes I know) but ever since photography…I LOVE being a passenger so I can just look out the window and “scout.”  Driving not to far from home the other day I see this field and we decide to stop.  Not gonna work for kids.  Fire ant city.  Daphne immediately started doing the fire ant stomp dance and Jevin burst into tears (he’s allergic to them and we once told him to stay away so now he thinks he will immediately drop dead if one gets within 10 feet of him.  Yes he got my dramatic personality.  LOL) I tried.  LOL 

We even brought the dogs… our car was full of hair and slobber just to get them in one shot before we had to pack up and go home! LOL Zoe is the one with the tongue problem and Zeke is the other.

Stay tuned for this evening! Have a maternity shoot with a friend in Coronado.  :) 

Remember him? He needs a home!

Anyone remember Diesel?  I took his pics back in March.  He needs a home!  I would take him but I already have two boxers of my own and enough on my plate.  Diesel is one years old and great with other dogs and kids.  He’s in the southern California area.  He’s brindle with floppy ears and docked tail.  His owners are staying with family members and they cannot keep him.  There are too many dogs there already.  He needs to be around people.  He digs if he’s bored but he’s otherwise great! He does well in photoshoots and he would be a great dog for a photographer.  ;) If anyone knows of a safe, permanent, loving home, give me a call and I will get in touch with the owners!

Here he is (although he is a bit bigger now, these were taken in March and he was 9 months old then.)

He even poses for pedicure shots!