Monthly Archives: May 2008

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Today I woke up feeling miserable and what do you know, I am sick AGAIN!  I spent most of my day chewing grape Children’s Benedryl.  Yeah I know, gross, but it certainly dries up the snot and helps your eyes to stop running! HAHA  I dropped my poor kid off at school while wearing the most horribly embarrassing outfit.  Ugly shorts, sweatshirt, flip flops, no make up, didnt even bother to brush my hair.  Threw some sunglasses on and out the door.  I did manage to brush my teeth.  HAHA Good thing he is only 5 and still thinks I am cool.  ;)  Let’s see when he is a teeanger!

I was able to take a 2.5 hour nap after dinner (dont think you are supposed to mix Benedryl with champagne, oops. I was OUT but at least I wasnt miserable!)  Now it’s 2:25 am and I am wide awake! Bad nap! Working on editing two sessions right now, but I have some of my little stink bug that I want to post/blog tomorrow (err, today.) Hopefully I can finish all three things! 

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