Monthly Archives: May 2008

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Second shooting

The weekend before last I had the privilege of second shooting for the fabulous and fun, Sarah Maren. She’s from the Sacramento area and I urge you all to check out her awesome work! Thank you for having me along, Sarah.  Sarah invited me to the “day after” session too, SUPER FUN.  Here are a few shots taken while second shooting.  What a smokin’ hot couple!


Around the house…..

Yes, I know, I need to go entertain myself.  LOL I have some wedding images from a wedding I second shot this past weekend for the fabulous Sarah Maren.  I’ll post a couple later tonight.  :) 

Jevin’s first missing tooth!

Yesterday while we were visiting some family (hi guys!) in La Quinta, Jevin lost his first tooth at their house.  Had to snap a picture of course. LOL So here is my big boy and his first missing tooth!

Kissy kissy!

Aww!  Despite all the fighting and bickering I hear all day, maybe they really do love each other! LOL

Ms. Daphne

Auntie Danielle got Daphne a new swimsuit and hula girl outfit….look how cute…..(vintagey finish)

“In my bucket, bug!” (Was trying to catch a rollie pollie.)

distressed that the bug wont listen to her

AJAXed with AWP