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Disneyland yesterday….

Promised the kids we would do Disneyland this past weekend but then I caught a cold.  Yay me (not really!)  LOL They were disappointed at the thought of not going so I just brought along a pack of Dayquil and we went anyways.  Today I feel even worse, but hopefully tomorrow things start getting better!  It was cold there last night!  

 I LOVE all the fun spots to shoot there!  If anyone wants a family or engagement California Adventure or Disneyland shoot, I’d love to do it! My own kids have “photographer’s kid symdrome” which basically means whenever they see a camera they run away, make a bad face, or scream.  HAHA  Only brought one lens since its hard to lug around kids AND camera stuff but it worked ok.  LOL






 What is that thing? 


 California Adventure fountain



“Who lives in this little house, Daph?”



I really think I need something mosaic in my house…I love the fun tiles!







Ms. De Vil’s trailor



Monsters Inc.




one last shot of my gang….in the dark on the train thing



Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger!

The weather is awesome this week so been out and about as much as possible with the kids.  Trying to get some sun on this almost glowing pale skin of mine!  Had a bad mishap with some spray tanner.  HAHA I promise I will try to do better at keeping up on the blog.  Have a wedding coming up in a couple weeks, an engagement session, and a trash the dress so April will be full of picture posts!  Rented a couple of lenses this week so here are a few play shots of my kiddos.

Daphne on the 100 2.8 macro 



Rented a Sigma fisheye.  Not my favorite.  The vignetting is not really my thing.  Next time I’ll stick with Canon.  :)  Yes, those are horrible orange blotches on my legs.  

Just say NO to spray tanner!!  HAHA


 Playing with papa:


 and Mr Jevin.  Our picture hater  (LOL!)



I think she got my thing for shoes

LOL!!  Well at least my thing is for CHEAP shoes.  Quantity is better than quality when it comes to shoes! LOL (Not really, OUCH!) HAHA


Adorable family!

Dani (+1!), Jed, and Jonah….you guys rock!  It was so great to meet you!  What an adorable family you are!  Here is a little sneak peek of your pics.  The rest will be up tomorrow afternoon-ish with your password.  :)   


img_1899resized.jpg    img_1700colorresized.jpg    img_1726resized.jpg  img_1745resized.jpg    img_1823resized.jpg   

[b] school happy hour

Thanks again Becker, you rock!  Becker hosted a [b] school happy hour at Ling and Louie’s in Irvine.  It was so great to meet everyone!  Here are a couple of random shots, yeah I know, they arent the greatest…I swear I only had ONE drink! HAHA When I get to chatting, I usually dont take very many shots!  

 [b] bad to the bone! 








Jen Harris and her husband Rob, my husband, Jon and Masen Larsen 


Gabriel and Carlie  and Melissa



and one of Jen taking a shot of Melissa and Tim 



and here is one Jessica Claire took of the whole gang (from Jessica Claire’s blog) 


and one Jessica Claire also took of the Becker while a circle shot was going on (anyone seen that one yet by the way?)  My poor husband looks like he was picking something out of his teeth.   Probably that orange wedge from his beer!  LOL  I see Molly Yarchin,  Melissa Koehler and David Baxter hanging out in this one too.  


 If your name wasnt on here, it’s cause I dont have a link, so drop me your link and I’ll add ya!! :) Nice to meet everyone! 

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